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Jatubs Progress Report

The Diesel Fields

The smog-choked fields that run thick with the black diesel-blood of The Iron Emperor, which surround and connect the lands of the Iron Empire.

1630 words

Blacktrack Rattlers

The legendary locomotives that link the cities of the Iron Empire , hurtling high above the Diesel Fields at supersonic speeds.

3591 words


The ever-wandering minstrels whose stories, retold tales, and myths spread and become the basis for faith across Numiastra.

2340 words

Lord Indicoff Alcott of Crecht

The Legendary Lord of House Alcott, greatest hero of the Iron Empire and legend of the Hunter Clans.

3998 words

Narixian Witchkillers

The infamous masked hunters who prey on men and the beasts that dwell within their hearts, most feared of all the warriors of Narixia.

2918 words

Orichalchos of Ímarsira

One of the greatest and most decorated adventurers of the modern era, now martyred and forgotten.

3429 words

Dasterian the Robust

Saint of Alcohol, Pleasure, Blind Rage, and Destruction.

2414 words

Francille the Shepard

Saint of Doorways, Transitions, Cooking, and Brewing.

2264 words

Garo the Abandoned

Saint of the Printing Press, News, Wind, and Alleyways.

2801 words

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