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Brown Mold Hazard 2

Complexity Simple
This unassuming fungus leeches heat out of the air.
Reset After expanding, the brown mold can’t grow again for 1 day
— Gamemastery Guide pg. 77
Perception Stealth DC 21 (trained)
Skills Disable DC 18 Survival (trained) to safely remove the mold

STR +0 , DEX +0 , CON +0 , INT +0 , WIS +0 , CHA +0

AC 18
Saving Throws Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +8
HP30 - Immunities critical hits, fire, object immunities, precision damage, - Weaknesses cold 10
Special Abilities Emit Cold (aura, cold 5 feet. Brown mold deals cold damage to nearby creatures.
Leech Warmth Trigger Fire comes within 5 feet of the brown mold; Effect The brown mold expands into every square adjacent to its space. As it grows, it pulls more heat from its surroundings, dealing cold damage (DC 18 basic Fortitude save) to creatures within 10 feet after it expands.

Created by



Pathfinder 2e

Statblock Type

Monster / NPC