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Near Death Table

This table is the last chance to cheat death, but not without constantly being reminded of your near death experience. The only way to undo the traumatic experience is with a Wish spell.

Roll 1d20EffectPunishment
1Death laughsRoll again and double the penalty
2Lose an arm-1d4 STR and -1d4 DEX. Can no longer wield 2-handed or duel wield.
3Robbed while unconsciousLose ALL items on person and in the Bag of Holding
4Major concussionInstantly lose a level
5Anoxic event causing scattered nerve atrophyLose all but 1 proficiency
6Long term memory lossLose 4 skills
7Develop Neurosis-1d6 CHA
8Develop debilitating arthritisLose all but 1 feat. If you only have 1 feat you lose it.
9Develop an autoimmune disorder-1d6 CON
10Major leg injurySpeed halved
11Acute nerve damage-1d6 STR
12Develop peripheral neuropathy-1d6 DEX. Can no longer wield 2-handed or duel wield.
13Slight concussion causes dementia-1d6 INT
14Major spleen traumaLose 30% of total health. (rounded up)
15Acquire vertigo-1d6 DEX
16Short term memory lossLose your last learned feat
17Concussion causes cloudiness-1d6 WIS
18StrokeUnlearn all languages except Common
19Minor concussion causing sporadic weaknessLose 1 proficiency of the player's choice
20Small scarNone

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