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Imperial Armored Coach

Usage This beautifully crafted, expensive carriage is not just a work of art, it is a hardened and durable vehicle on the outside, and a plush luxury touring ride with many comforts on the inside. The Coach can be modified to be converted into a steam or clockwork vehicle, pending a sufficient crafting check and up to 8 days of time to perform the conversion; Bulk 15 feet long, 15 feet wide, 11 feet high;

AC 20; Fort +16 Hardness 10, HP 100 (BT 50)   Speed 30 feet Collision 4d10 (DC 24)

Type Weapon Mount; Price Materials;
This vehicle has one rear weapon mount that can be equipped with a ranged weapon. At purchase, this weapon mount is empty. Installing or uninstalling a weapon into this mount requires 10 minutes, a successful DC 20 Crafting check, as well as an appropriate weapon to install.

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Pathfinder 2e

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