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Lifeblade - ITEM 6

Usage Held in one hand; Activate Break;

This glass goblet has an intricate leaf petal design on its surrounding. Often times it is used in royal palaces to decorate the halls and normally you cannot feel any magical energy emit from it. If this glass gets filled with wine (or on very rare occasions with blood) you are able to activate the magic runes of the glass, break it and form it into a weapon. Only in this moment you can feel magic flow through the glass.

Type Glass Goblet; Level 0; Price -;
This glass goblet has an intricate design. Filled with wine you can feel a strange resonance emanate from it. Maybe you could fill it with something else...

Type Lifeblade Requirements The glass has to be filled with wine (or with blood) ; Level 5; Price -;
You activate the unique ability of this glass goblet. The glass itself breaks and the leaf patterns around the glass move into a handle shape. The wine (or blood) is formed and hardened into a blade. The weapon type of this blade is a +4 Rapier of greater striking (or a +4 Rapier of major striking if filled with blood)

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Pathfinder 2e

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