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Manaclaws - ITEM 8

Usage worn as an accessoire on your hands; Activate Concentration;

These carefully crafted accessoires draw one the wielders mana to enhance their own effectiveness. The gem in the center is able to absorb and store magic energy to later use it as its own supportive energy.

Type Absorb Frequency once every 2 minutes if you failed the Reflex save; Effect When you get targeted by a spell you need to succeed on a Reflex save against the enemies Class DC. If you succeed, you absorb the incoming spell and gain one stack of Manacharged. If you don't succeed, the spell still get absorbed, but you gain no stack. Note that only spells you can see can be absorbed and if the incoming spell has an Area of Effect only your square will be freed from the impact of this spell. You must use up the stack of Manacharged before you can use this reaction again.;
Type Enhance Buff Effect You use your Stack of Manacharged and magically charge the claws of this weapon for two rounds. Your mele attacks with this weapon deal two additional damage die;
Type Claws Attack; Effect You Attack one creature in range with a claw attack. You deal 2d8 (If enhanced 4d8 ) slashing damage. These attacks count as magical attacks;

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Pathfinder 2e

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