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Aurumance - ITEM 15

Usage worn as an accessoire on your head; Activate Concentration;

An ornate piece of jewelry. This crown was passed along many generations in royal families and always outlived its owners. You feel a strange gaze emanate from the crown...
Your Wisdom stattis increased by +2 and you gain a +4 bonus to your Perception rolls.
As long as you wear this crown you are able to speak and understand Draconic.

Type AblazeFrequency once per round; Effect If a creature targets you with their attack, you have the opportunity to activate this reaction. You set ablaze the attacking creature and it must succeed on a Reflex save against your Class DC or it recieves a -2 circumstance penalty to its attack roll. Additionally you deal 3d10 fire damage;
Type DominateFrequency three times per day; Effect Your crown gives you the ability to dominate your foes. You can cast Dominate at 6th level;

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Pathfinder 2e

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