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Authority - ITEM 18

Usage worn as an accessoire on your head; Activate Concentration;

An ancient tarnished crown, that used to carry the light of ancient divine authority. The gem in the crown has lost their glow, giving it up to darkness.
Your Intelligence stat is increased by +2 and you gain the ability to speak via telepathy.
The crown has seven stacks of Darkness per day

Type Voidfire - Spell; Effect You summon specks of darkness that can be thrown as projectiles. Tje projectiles seek out targets and can infest their bodies, dealing 4d8 + your Intelligence modifier void damage. For every speck you summon, you lose one stack of Darkness;
Type Loyal Servant Spell;Effect You reanimate the infested, dead bodies of your enemies and command them. You can cast Animate Dead at up to 10th level. You can only canst this spell on dead bodies infested with Voidfire;

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Pathfinder 2e

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