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Merciless Bite - ITEM 25

Usage worn as an accessoire on your teeth;

The Merciless Bite is an item, that is rarely seen throughout the world of Eldoria. You could consider yourself lucky to witness a vampire of noble blood with these fang caps. If you survive the encounter that is. Most creatures will never experience these fang caps as they are securely locked away behind the doors of noble vampire families. These ornate fang caps boost your abilities as a vampire through blood magic and enhance your senses.
Your rolls of intimidation against non-vampire creatures gain an additional +9.
You automatically reduce all damage taken to your fangs to 0.

Type Drink Frequency once per round;
When you reduce a creatures hit points to 0, the fangs store any ammount of blood the creature had left. Additionally, you heal yourself equal to the damage you rolled on your attack to reduce the targets healt to 0 with.;
Type Enhancement Effect You release any ammount of blood you had stored in the fangs and boost your next 5 attacks with an additional +2 to attack rolls. Additionally you increase the number of damage die for your Bite and Breach attacks by two.;
Type Bite Effect You target one creature in range with a bite attack and whose neck you can reach. You gain a +4 bonus to this attack and the creature must succeed on a Fortitude save against your Class DC or be grappled. You deal 4d10 +your DEX modifier piercing and additionally 4d6 persistent bleed damage;
Type Breach Effect You target one creature in range with a bite attack. You try to brake through the armor or bones around the neck and bite the target. The target must succeed on a basic Reflex save or take 6d6 +your STR modifier piercing and additionally 4d6 persistent bleed damage
Critical Success The creature is unaffected
Success The creature takes half the damage and no persistent bleed damage
Failure The creature takes full damage and is grappled
Critical Failure The creature takes double the damage and is drained 4;

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Pathfinder 2e

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