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Crimson Sphere - ITEM 10

Usage Worn; Bulk L; Activate Envision;

Item Description: The Inferno's Resonance Ioun Stone is a rare artifact coveted by spellcasters who specialize in the manipulation of fire and destructive forces. When activated, this deep red crystal orbits the head of its bearer, tapping into their magical energies and significantly enhancing their control over fire-based magic.   Magical Properties:   Envision: This primary effect allows the caster to imbue spells with a fire descriptor, increasing their potency by 150%. The air around the caster might shimmer with heat as spells are cast, and the flames conjured appear more intense and vibrant, demonstrating the stone's amplification.   Passive: The stone grants its bearer resistance to magical fire effects, absorbing the impact of flames and converting a portion of the potential damage into healing energy. This unique ability not only offers protection but also can sustain the wielder in prolonged encounters. The conversion process is visible as a brief flare around the stone, indicating the absorption and healing transfer.   Trigger: You are harmed by Fire   Effect: Roll 3d10 for fire resistance against the triggering damage. If the resistance value is greater than the damage, heal yourself for the difference. This effect can trigger only once per round.   Lore: Crafted from the heart of a volcano that was home to a powerful fire elemental, the Crimson Sphere Ioun Stone contains a fragment of the elemental's essence. Legend has it that a mage seeking to harness the raw power of fire without succumbing to its destructive nature created the first of these stones. Over centuries, few have been able to replicate its creation, making each stone an invaluable asset to those who walk the path of flame.

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Pathfinder 2e

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