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Troop Commander Dedication - Class Feat 2

Requirements Trained in Warfare Lore


Designate Troop   As a single action, you select an adjacent allied creature of your level or lower with the Troop trait. This creature becomes your designated troop until the combat ends, the troop is dispersed, or you use this action again to designate a new troop.   When you use the Command Troops activity to command your designated troop, you automatically succeed; you still attempt the skill check to determine whether you critically succeed, but you ignore any result less than a success.
Description Through detailed study of battlefield movement and logistics, you become a capable leader of soldiers. You become an expert in Warfare Lore, and gain the Designate Troop action.

Created by

A.D. Malcomson.


Pathfinder 2e

Statblock Type

Action / Feat