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Step Sideways - Focus 1

Traditions Components
arcane divine occult primal
Cast Range Target Duration Saving Throw
self - instant -
You attempt to push yourself through the barrier between worlds. The source that gave you this spell indicates which tradition and what plane it can take you to. If you've gained it from multiple sources, decide which plane you wish to travel towards. Make a check using your spellcasting ability modifier plus your spellcasting proficiency bonus against a standard DC of your level, which the GM may modify based on how close or distant your location is to the plane you wish to travel to. The result of your check determines the effect of this spell.   This spell gains the elemental trait of the direction you are traveling towards.
  Critical Success You step sideways and find yourself in the plane adjacent to where you left in the direction you chose when casting this spell (e.g. The Black Desert if you stepped from the Material towards the Plane of Fire).
Success As a critical success, but only at the end of your next turn. You must spend 3 actions Sustaining this spell otherwise it fails.
Failure The spell fails and you remain in the plane you are on.
Critical Failure You rebound off of the veil. The spell fails and you are stunned 3.

  Heightened 3rd You may increase the cast time to 10 minutes. If you do, you may bring willing creatures within 30 feet of you. The additional targets cannot take any actions other than Helping you with the check. If you fail, you cannot use this spell for 1 hour. If you critically fail, you cannot use it until you next perform your daily preparations.

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Pathfinder 2e

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