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Overcharge - Knowledge 2, Discovery

Requirements Settlement with a Mastery of any magic type within a kingdom. Must be a Druidocracy, Magocracy, Necrocracy, or Theocracy.


When using funding to gain a bonus to a kingdom stat, add an additional +1 Bonus.

Applications Specific kingdom types get an additional bonus.
Druidocracy: If your settlement is capable of being divided by the area it is within, Gain an additional +1 to all kingdom stats. If any hex in the area of your settlement is owned by another player, Gain +1 to all kingdom stats Per owning kingdom
Magocracy: The bonus applies to all magocracy specific bonuses. In addition, may spend goods once per kingdom phase to get double the bonus for one roll.
Necrocracy: After any non gather troops successful military action, Gain +1 Stability and Economy.
Theocracy: Laws you create that are shared to another kingdom grant an additional +1 stability per law and addendum in that law

Created by

Ian Eiriksson.


Pathfinder 2e

Statblock Type

Action / Feat