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Spellbook III

Tier: 3
You add the following spells to your spellbook. Choose one of them as your readied spell for tier 3.   Fire Bloom (4+ Intellect points). Fire blooms within long range, filling an area 10 feet (3 m) in radius and inflicting 3 points of damage on all affected targets. Effort applied to one attack counts for all attacks against targets in the area of the bloom. Even on an unsuccessful attack, a target in the area still takes 1 point of damage. Flammable objects in the area may catch fire. Action.   Summon Dire Animal (4+ Intellect points). A creature of difficulty 3 appears within immediate range. If you applied a level of Effort as part of the summoning, the creature is amenable to your instructions; otherwise, it acts according to its nature. Regardless, the creature persists for up to one minute before it fades away. Action to initiate.

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