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Type abilties and Focus abilities by Tier created by Mortambo
ID Name Tags
Countermeasures adept tier 3
Adroit Cypher Use adept tier 3
Retrieve Memories adept tier 2
Greater Reflexes and Hard to Touch moves like a cat tier 3 focus
Movement and Safe Fall moves like a cat tier 2 focus
Slippery Customer explores dark places tier 3 focus
Trained Infiltrator and Eyes Adjusted explores dark places tier 2 focus
Spellbook III casts spells tier 3 focus
Spellbook II casts spells tier 2 focus
Scan adept tier 1 magic
Resonance Field adept tier 1 magic
Far Step adept tier 1 magic
Magic Training adept tier 1 magic flavor magic
Spellbook casts spells tier 1 focus
Trained Explorer explores dark places tier 1 focus
Reflexes and Balancer moves like a cat tier 1 focus
Hedge Magic adept tier 1 magic flavor magic