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Spider, Giant Creature 1

Perception +7, Darkvision
Skills Acrobatics ? Athletics ? Stealth +7

STR +2 , DEX +4 , CON +? , INT +? , WIS +? , CHA +?

AC 17
Saving Throws Fort ?, Ref +9, Will ?
Speed 25ft
Melee Strike fangs +9 Damage: d6+2piercing plus giant spider venom
Ranged Strike web +7 (range increment 30ft) Effect: Web Trap
Special Abilities Giant Spider Venom (poison) A target damaged by the spider's fangs must succeed at DC16 Fortitude Save or take 1d12 poison damage and gain the flat-footed condition for 1 round
Spells Web Trap A creature hit by the giant spider's web Strike gets stuck to the nearest surface. It can't move until it successfully Escapes (DC17)
Statblock information from Pathfinder 2e Beginner Box Game Master's Guide

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Pathfinder 2e

Statblock Type

Monster / NPC