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"Most people don't act out of malice, but good intentions don't always have good results..." is both one of the most common themes and driving forces of the world of Zurath.   Millenia ago, magic was a common and reliable force that used to create wonders for the world, but it was sealed alway by the more technologically advanced civilization know as Jíats, leading to the collapse of the old world civilizations.   Now magic is more limitated and erratic, and the new civilizations that rose since that societal collapse now must face the consequences of the Jíats previous actions, and they struggle for both survive and thrive in this new world.   However, even ignoring all the tensions and previous conflicts among differents cultures and kingdoms on Zurath, magic is "leaking" back to the world, and the results of this increase of such chaotic force will NOT be a pleasent experience for the people of Zurath!

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