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A fantasy world created for Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition), Zosoa takes inspiration from both the lore of D&D and the real-world history of Eurasia and Africa during the 9th and 10th centuries.   Multiple forces compete for power in Zosoa: empire-building humans, ferocious dragons, incomprehensible mind flayers, ambitious yuan-ti, water-breathing tritons, warmongering hobgoblins, awe-inspiring giants, extraplanar beings from all across the multiverse, and more. But the world is not covered completely by empires and kingdoms, and those who aren't in danger of conquest must still protect themselves from frightening monsters in the wilderness.   Zosoa is a diverse world, with nearly thirty humanoid races in total, each having many cultures. The use of magic has allowed its population to grow quickly, and the world has over four hundred million inhabitants spread over six continents.   Zosoa is named for its creator god, but three others have shaped it: Ennera, god of water and trickery, Idali, god of the sky, and the dreaded Jovac, god of destruction. Each of them have demigod children scattered throughout the world, but the gods usually do not intervene in the affairs of their mortal creations.