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The planet that the game takes place on sort of resembles Earth but the key difference is that the land is shaped differently and has 11 continents they are decided by what race inhabits it mainly even though multiple races live there and are at war it means the continent are shared so the land will change over time even if the players don't cause it. The Continents consist of a forest controlled by Wood Elves, in the swamps lived both the Swamp Elves and Lizard folk at constant war, the continent of man that is made up by multiple different kingdoms of humans, a continent of Orcs/Giants/ and Goblins that made alliances or started wars and control the land, the kingdom of Dwarfs and deep in the under dark under the Dwarven kingdoms are the Duergar, in the far north in the lava terrain live the Dragonborn kingdoms, high in the mountains not controlled by dwarfs live two races the Aarakocra at the top so they can fly around and closer to the bottom is the kingdoms of Kenku, the deserts and tropical islands off the coast are controlled by the clans of the Tabaxi and the clans of the Yuan-Ti, there is another kingdom controlled by Halflings, Gnomes, and Firbolgs who are allied together, in the plains live clans controlled by Centaurs, and the final continent which are covered in icy mountains that are worthless to the Dwarfs and to cold for the Aarakocra are controlled by the Goliaths.

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