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A world where everyone has a trait of one of the 12 animals from the chinese zodiac, and everyone has one power. There's a very obvious divide betwen high class, middle class, and low class in the metropolitan city called Arcadis. There is major gang activity in the city, from yakuza/mafia style families with shady business tactics and illegal dealings, to smaller turf protecting gangs in the underbelly of the city. The police force is paid to overlook most crime by the big time groups that hide their illegal activities, though they will still act to stop illegal activity that they can to keep the peace and the power balance. For the most part, the low class area/underbelly of the city is mostly overlooked as there's lots of petty crimes going on there. Though, the elite police force known as the Shinetogumi takes on the toughest cases of any kind. In the city, there is no end to the troubles no matter what social class someone is from in this corrupt political system.