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Ziliath (Zeye-lee-ahth)

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Ziliath Welcome to the large and beautiful world of Ziliath! A large sci-fi/fantasy like continent found on a small oxygen-filled planet orbiting in a galaxy somewhere out in the world. Enter the world of Ziliath Where the six Elements of Life: Beast, Flora, Earth, Sea, Sky, and Humanity all come together to form the six races: The Werebeasts, Flower Mortals, Metal Folk, Seakind, Sky Monks, and Teknilians, where the five suns of Pyrian and five moons of Elikai orbit the skies every day, and the legendary Thunderspine Titan Bats and savage Bloodwrath Wolves stalk the forests and grasses. For the Calamity War is upon all of Ziliath, the age where destinies are born and legends are challenged.

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