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Current fashions in Zenara


Among humans, the current fashion is for mid-length hair in both men and women, usually tied back with a ribbon and loosely curled. White is particularly in vogue, along with other pale and pastel colours, often ornamented with gold or silver. Lace and frills are popular. Furs and pelts are becoming more prominent among high society, including "coarser" furs such as those of bears and big cats.  

Dusk Elves

Among dusk elves, bright colours are as popular as ever. At the moment there's a trend for wearing flowers and greenery in the hair. Sea glass is popular in jewellery. Coloured lace and semi-transparent materials such as tulle are popular to mimic the crystalline structure of the city. Butterflies are a fashionable icon. The fashion for hair dye is fading, and natural white or blonde hair is making a reappearance. High-heeled boots and shoes are popular for all genders, but particularly for men.  

Wood Elves

Among wood elves, the fashion is trending towards stiffer and more formal attire, almost militaristic in appearance, with felt and wool much in evidence. This clothing normally features large panels of plain fabric, decorated at the edges with wide trims that may have an abstract pattern or an iconographic representation of leaves, animals and so on. As usual, green and blue are the most popular colours, but amber is becoming more prominent.  

High Elves

Among high elves, the clothing trends are leaning towards lengthier garments. Robes, cloaks, sleeves and skirts (for all genders) are becoming longer, featuring more layers and more decoration. The most decorative high fashion features sleeves all the way to the floor. Lighter fabrics are favoured, and clothing often features many layers of varying lengths. Pale blues and purples are the fashionable colour. Perhaps to contrast the increased length of clothing and accessories, short hairstyles for all are becoming more common among the nobility.  

Mountain Dwarves

Braided hair and beards are falling out of favour among the mountain dwarfish nobility, with a preference instead leaning towards straight hair, occasionally with a few smaller braids. Minimalism in armour and clothing is the popular style, favouring elegant simplicity and geometry over the elaborate fashions seen in elvish society, which the dwarves consider to be rather gaudy. Bronze is a very popular colour, and turquoise or teal accents are popping up more frequently in contrast.  

Hill Dwarves

Hill dwarves currently favour similar fashions to their mountain cousins, only with a slightly less minimalist approach. Armour and clothing both feature decoration, although it is usually subtle and made up of abstract geometric patterns as opposed to images. Braided hair and beards are still in fashion in hill dwarf society, and plaiting ribbons or jewellery into the hair is popular. Coloured, intricate glass is becoming more popular as ornamentation, as well as hammered brass and gold jewellery.

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