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A world based on the coast of Ancient Peru for a novel and tabletop project.


  • Map of The Chakma Province
  • Map of The Northern Rivers

    The Yunka cultural sphere can be divided into a north and south cluster of fiefdoms surrounding the northern four rivers, (Esp. de la leche, Lambayeque, Sana, and Jequetepeque. Much. ?,?,?,?) which empty out into the sea.   While the coast of the Yunka lands consists of the driest desert on earth, effective dry-farming and canal channeling along the rivers has made the settled territory lush and green. While initially the populace inhabiting the coast sustained the earliest settlements and even cities on a subsistence primarily based on fishing and maritime subsistence, larger populations are now supported by a bountiful agricultural system which produces staples such as corn, potatoes, squash, and cotton.   The increasing economic dependence of settlements and territories on the rivers has made them easy prey for conquest and control by the ever warring nobility, and many battles are fought at the borders over the control of the waterways.

  • Map of The Fanquisllanga Province
  • Map of The Xanapec Province
  • Map of The Zanyap Province
  • Map of The Lampatep Province
  • Map of The Shektepec Province
  • Map of The Ayanguay Province
  • Map of The Southern Rivers

    The Southern Rivers extending through the bottom half of the Muchik cultural area, consisting of the Chicama, Moche, Chao, and Santa rivers, is a younger seat of political power relative to its northern neighbors, but has been more completely politically and economically consolidated by the local Muchik elite. It also houses the very largest city and ceremonial center in the entire known world.