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Anti-Abyssal Propaganda

Leaflet #1

Good Kinvari of Laó Lamatiss, take heed! Danger lurks among you!   What is worse--more dangerous, more destructive, more inextinguishable--than toxic, venomous, infectious Eldritch magic? Abyssal magic! Darkness from beyond the stars that erodes all it touches, from flesh to soul!   Beware the Abyssal sorcerers! Know them by the stain the darkness has left upon them! They might look like normal Aeldvari in silhouette, but their skin AND hair are as dark as shadow, like the Abyss they bring into our very homes!   Shun them, good kinvari! Drive them away from heart of our society! Do not trust anything they say, for only THEY are immune to the anima-erasing touch of Abyssal magic!

Leaflet #2

Friends and citizens of Dériger, you are in danger!   Beware Abyssal sorcerers, marked with dark skin and dark hair from their use of unholy magic outside of the Lady of Heavens' embrace!   Like godless warlocks who give their souls to Eldritch infection, these Abyssal sorcerers have sacrificed their souls to the nothingness of the Abyss, and only they are immune to its corrosive magic!   Drive them out! Do not risk them being near you, your family, your children! Shun them twice as fiercely as you would any green-souled warlock, and live in safety once more!

Leaflet #3

Traveler, beware!   Should you see an Aeldvar* dark of hair and dark of skin, do not approach! They are an Abyssal sorcerer, more dangerous and more soulless than the worst of warlocks!   Warn your fellow good-hearted kinvari away from these plague-bearers lest their souls be erased like salt in water!   *Hymvari in these colors are not Abyssal in nature and do not need to be shunned.
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