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50 years ago a group of adventurers were tasked with escorting an alchemist through the Cardinal Woods, named so because it points in the four cardinal directions. Inside the woods, they came across a Gulthias tree that had been enhanced by a strange gemstone emitting a never before seen form of magical energy. This energy would later be dubbed "Free" and it would be discovered that this energy had a multitude of applications that allowed for a boom in technological advancement. Thus the country of Nobleheim and the entire world or Yora were thrust out of the Midevil times and into the Free Era. In the 50 years, much was observed about Free energy, as well as many more gems were discovered. The Housekeepers, as they have come to be known, are a strange being that resembles a 50's housewife, each comes with a Human sounding name that is implanted into the mind of anyone who sees them. The Housekeepers each guard their own Free gem, so anytime one is seen, a hunting party is called to kill them and collect the gem. Some Housekeepers also hold onto a faux gem that is powered by the souls of anything that the Housekeepers kill. It is currently unknown why they carry these gems or what purpose they may serve, but some hypothesize that they could be attempting to create new gems to spawn new Housekeepers. Nobody yet knows how the Free gems came into being or how they were created.   The country of Nobleheim mentioned earlier, is where the story mainly takes place. The Queen of Nobleheim has several elite guards known as Dukes to protect her and give advice, as well as an advanced research society known as the Elder Barons. The Elder Barons are stationed at The House of Magic, Exploration, and Science, a.k.a. The H.O.M.E.S. The adventurers of 50 years past were a part of the Elder Baron group, with the title of Freeman. Freeman are the lowest rank in the Elder Barons and act as part-timers, doing odd jobs and low priority missions, as well as escort unsuccessful researchers on last chance expeditions. The Barons act as the biggest source of advancement in the world and were the first to harness the power of Free.

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