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Spirits are eternally angry, malevolent beings that are found across the Yonderverse. They are well feared for their ability to possess animals and people, and their constant desire to.


Spirits have an unusual anatomy, for none of them look exactly alike. On different planets, spirits appear largely different. For example, spirits of Earth are teardrop shaped, with purple and black gases floating around them. Spirits have been seen with various appendages that aid them in possession, while those without arms or legs use have more powerful psychic abilities.

Location & Habitat

Spirits can be found on practically planet. A skittish creature, they will try to avoid large groups of people and instead target single people. They hide in shadows, where they can remain invisible and stalk their prey. Because of this, they prefer abandoned and wild areas, and always avoid towns and cities.


Spirits have never been observed "eating"; instead, they possess other creatures, and that seems to give them energy. Spirits seek out more intelligent creatures to possess, any sapient species will do. Exactly how spirits possess people is still a mystery, but it is suspected that their psychic abilities allows them to lock inside one's mind and take control, draining the life force from the person and "consuming" it, leaving the person as a possessed husk. Spirits then have full control over this body, and use this to cause havoc for a little while before dumping the now useless body in a secluded area.
Possession by Mochi

Signs of Possession

There are several signs that a body has once been possessed. The most common is that the body will be found in a dark area, where shadows frequent. Other signs include:
  • Purplish pupils
  • Abnormally large pupils
  • Deathly cold to the touch
  • The ground around the body has died, even if it never was living. e.g. concrete cracking and turning to dust.
  • Lifespan
    Average Height
    Average Weight
    Average Length
    Geographic Distribution

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