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Phosphomancy Spells

Grading system
Grade 1: Very mild effects, most spells are completely harmless and used for aesthetics.
Grade 2: Mildly dangerous. Some of these spells are banned in public areas.
Grade 3: Dangerous. The highest grade of spells that is allowed to be taught in schools.
Grade 4: Very dangerous. Only reserved for highly-esteemed mages.
Grade 5: Only a few spells capable of altering the Yonderverse itself and everything within it. Banned from anyone using them.

Blinding Lights

Grade 2


The spell causes the opponent to be blinded for a few seconds, allowing them to escape.


Zero side-effects on the user, unless the spell is continually used in a short amount of time.


While wearing a light accessory, flick your wand in the direction of the eyes of the opponent, while thinking about the spell.


Grade 2


When a flare spell is cast it will send out several waves of light. This light will illuminate the nearby area at a greater scale than the torch spell.


Dizziness will occur much sooner performing a flare spell than a torch spell, within half an hour.


In order to execute this spell, one must click both of their fingers, and twizzle them round once. This will then create the waves of light beaming from oneself. In order to stop the spell, one must simply think to stop it.


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