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Orbit Lily

Blood sucking space plant

Orbit lilies are large plant species found floating in clumps in space. They are a carnivorous species, and when a creature gets too close the clump explodes, and they shoot tentacles at them, drawing them closer to suck their blood.


Orbit lilies have 5 large, heart shaped leaves that form a circle round the bright yellow flower. The leaves are a light green, with slightly bluish heart shapes on them. The flowers have 3 rows of petals, the petals getting smaller as they progress up the flower. Their roots are very long, and always grow in intertwining pairs. These roots will latch onto others of the same plant to form a giant ball.

Their tentacles are found curled up underneath the leaf. When the plants form a ball, the tentacles are completely hidden, which means the only way to catch prey is for the ball to break.


Orbit lilies are one of the many carnivrous plant species found in space. They use their long, thin appendages that hang around the plant will detect something if they touch them, which causes the plant to shoot its tentacles at them.

The tentacles strangle the prey, and small ridges and spikes on them will rip the prey apart, bringing them into a mouth below the leaf which can digest its prey thanks to strong enzymes. The enzymes break down the entire body, while leaving the blood as the plant only survives on blood.


Orbit lilies have the ability to detect motions close to them. They have incredibly thin appendages which dangle up to 10 metres from the plant, and when something moves it they send signals to the lily which tells them that there is something there. This causes the ball of plants to explode, and the plant that detected it will shoot a tentacle at the object.


Orbit lilies are found across space. They rarely attach themselves to objects like A-Planets and the inside of space bubbles, and they mostly orbit those areas from space. They have mostly been recorded in the Ria Solar System, but has also been found commonly in others nearby.

3 years
Average Length
4 metres

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