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Ma Ahara

Ma'Ahara was a Ukari explorer who was the first person to leave Tak'are and explore the world beyond.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ma'Ahara was born on 13th Qo-Rino in a small house in the Outer Sector. Growing up was difficult as they lived in this sector, conditions were much rougher and diseases were widespread.   Ma'Ahara was always incredibly curious of what was outside the city. She had heard many stories of legendary creatures, spiders as big as a room, snakes that can fly, and giant terror birds. This led her to dream about exploring the world beyond the city, and she would devote her life to designing a plan to escape, as people weren't allowed to leave the city.


Ma'Ahara was taught in an informal school somewhere in the east quarter of the Outer Sector. Of course education was poor there, and she didn't learn much. But, since she was interested in the world outside, she was a keen student. With her organised notes and a good attitude, she was a top student in all of her classes.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ma'Ahara was officially the first person to leave Tak'are after its construction. She only got a license to leave after a formal meeting with the ruler (Mah'Mat) of Tak'are who only let Ma'Ahara leave because he was intimidated by her. Ma'Ahara's fiery attitude scared Mah'Mat into letting her leave.   In her trusty backpack that she took, she stored several diaries and notepads to sketch out new species of plants and animals she discovered, sketch the environments, make notes of everything she found; her main goal was to discover new areas that were hospitable. She discovered tropical rainforests, savannas, deserts, mountains, but all of them were too difficult to live in. Ma'Ahara's exploration resulted in the naming of the locations on the continent, such as the Salty Desert and the Hammered Plateau, as well as species like flower beetles and clawed vipers.
Date of Birth
13th Qori'No 1780
Date of Death
19th Nau'Raut 1835
Light blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale tan, hard chitin


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