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Managing a planet is a difficult task, and Jupiter only owns one, aside from its own planet. After Mars was distracted by taking control of Neptune, when humans went extinct Jupiter snatched up planet Earth. Folks in this council are in charge of making decisions relating to planet Earth, particularly with organising research projects, allocating funds, and manages all related affairs.


The extinction of humanity occurred a hundred years ago, after the species was wiped out from a virus. As per the Anti-Planet Poaching Legislation, a Planet or Space Legion may claim another planet if there are no extant native sophonts, and haven't existed for more than one full orbit of the planet's star.

Three-hundred and sixty-five days after the last human passed away, Jupiter filed for ownership of Earth, landing three spacecrafts on its soil - one in Northern Canada, one in Central Australia, and one in Southern Turkey. These three spacecrafts constructed temporary shelters and settlements that evolved into small jovian towns. Those in the Australian town formed a small council to attempt to form some sort of order in what was a lawless planet. This council had direct contact with the Jupiter Space Legion, with one of the council's founders the brother of Julis Mandas, the Head of the Legion at the time.

Fragile Earth

Prior to humanity's existence, Earth was a fluorishing planet with stable ecosystems. Throughout its lifespan, many groups of organisms have dominated the planet, such as dinosaurs. Despite this, wildlife was able to peacefully coexist. When humans evolved and started taking over, animals were going exinct. Some were due to changes in climate, not the fault of humans at the time, but others were going extinct due to overhunting and the destruction of habitats.

As their technological level increased, humans were altering Earth's climate and atmosphere as a whole. Temperatures were increasing, and animals sensitive to these changes could not cope and died off. The year 2025 on Earth was considered the start of the Anthropocene Extinction, the sixth mass extinction event to occur on Earth. This extinction event was already in process, but humanity was a catalyst.

Humans went extinct in the year 2050, just twenty-five years after this extinction level event occurred. With fossil-fuelled factories, excavation sites unearthing veins of greenhouse gases from subterranean caverns, and urban areas melting permafrost all halting in activities, this extinction even too suddenly stopped. Many animals on the cusp of extinction suddenly managed to regain populations, albeit slowly. Forests naturally regrew, ocean levels sank back down to their appropriate levels, polar regions began to refreeze.

Jovian scientists took note of this, and begged the council to ban unnecessary flights to and from Earth, to prevent any more damage to the already suffering planet. The Legion and the council worked together to enforce laws that prevented people from leaving or landing on Earth. Only vital research operations were allowed to land or leave, and it must be done in an environmentally safe way. If not, the crew must be able to justify landing on the planet.

Founding Date
2052 (Earth Time)
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Dec 22, 2023 22:11 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I am glad Earth is being looked after. But, gosh, this article is rather depressing when I think about the state of the real Earth.

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Yeah D: I tend to expand on the realities of human impacts on planet Earth when I write about it in my world, which is both fun and depressing xD

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