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Journey To Nin Tara

The Journey to Nin Tara is one many takes, but unfortunately leads nowhere. For thousands of years people have spread rumours that at the edge of the Yonderverse lies a great treasure, nestled in a cave called Nin Tara. Many seek out this treasure, never to return.

Nin Tara

According to countless legends and stories, at the very edge of the Yonderverse is Nin Tara, a cave formed out of nothing, yet contains everything within. Everything one could dream of. Nin Tara is believed to contain a treasure that manifests into whatever individual that discovers the cave's greatest desires.

However, because of the size of the Yonderverse and the fact that the majority of space is void of anything, there are no directions to Nin Tara. Many will fly in a singular direction in their spacecrafts and pray to a deity that they have gone in the right direction, only to be cursed with void insanity and lose their lives just days later.

Void Insanity

The fear of contracting void insanity is what keeps most from attempting to search for the treasure. The journey is inevitably long, and arduous, and most will succumb to this horrifying condition. Void insanity is known to take its prey just days after contracting the condition, as it tears apart the individuals weakened mind and body.

Typically void insanity only affects those in spacecraft incidents and cannot manouvre their vehicles to a safe civilisation, but for those on the Journey to Nin Tara, they will lose contact with everybody they know and spend an impossibly long time drifting through space.

Unfortunately the overpowering greed and desire for property and riches are what ultimately drive people to take on this futile journey. The Journey to Nin Tara always results in those poor individuals contracting this disease, ripping themselves apart in pure fear, agony, and pain, their lifeless bodies floating in lifeless spacecrafts in the lifeless void of the Yonderverse.

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Feb 18, 2023 21:09 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

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