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Blood Wine


Blood wine was first developed during the Tak'Are war, when the Ukari People were fighting with the race of intelligent acid bellows. Some of the bird corpses were brought into the inner sector, where they were examined; some of their blood was kept, and a scientist decided to put it in his wine to try it out, and to his surprise it tasted very good. He decided to showcase it as a new type of wine, and he quickly sold out. Word spread about the wine and it soon became the talk of the sector, and soon everybody was familiar with this delicacy.
Once the recipe was published, more acid bellows were brought into the city to be turned into wine, and more and more would be produced, delivered around the city. When the war finished, the entire population of acid bellows moved away from the city, and corpses were much, much harder to come across, and blood wine then became a rarity that only few would drink.   Some scientists then realised that storing the wine in barrels, and lining the top of the wine with argon, will preserve the wine for many years. Because argon is heavier than oxygen, it stops the wine from browning and acidity, instead it makes the wine taste even better as it ages. This method was then used to preserve large amounts of blood wine, that was only drunk on very special occasions.
Blood wine is relatively difficult to come across. The requirement of acid bellow blood is not a common thing to have in one's basement, since acid bellows tend to stay far, far away from Tak'Are after the Tak'Are War. When one of the birds have been caught and killed, measures are taken to make sure absolutely none of the blood is wasted, and those who do waste blood are often killed.
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