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A perfect pair, entwined for life, duavati are at once two beings and a single creature, a single soul living in two separate bodies.

Identical Twins

Duavati are born as identical twins with a single identical soul shared between them. The twins act like a single paired organism, with two bodies and two minds acting with a single purpose. Ancient folklore claims that duavati are born with souls too large for one body, and therefore must house them in two. Duavati twins are skilled combatants, capable of strategizing in unison, and versatile spellcasters, able to conduct spells through one another. The benefits of having two bodies, however, is certainly balanced by its risks. Duavati twins cannot exist separately, and if one is killed or injured, it endangers the lives of both.


Cooperative Spirit

Working in perfect synchronicity is a duavati's usual state. As such, these twins find the relative discord of other creatures to be confusing, or at worst, distressing. They often spin parables about ants, wolves, and other cooperative creatures to illustrate how people should behave in harmony to better themselves. Such stories usually fall on deaf ears, for most creatures cannot relate to the close association that duavati share, but neither can duavati understand how it is to be alone.

Duavati Names

Duavati twins are born into normal human families, and are therefore named as other humans. However, if a diviner foretells the birth of duavati twins, it is often customary to give them similar, rhyming names, so that the twins can feel more whole.


Male Duavati Twin Names: Amrod and Amras, Corin and Corvin, Giles and Files, Jovan and Joran, Landon and London, Zane and Zost.


Female Duavati Twin Names: Bree and Ski, Cilia and Hilia, Dora and Kora, Kara and Mera, Mello and Yellow, Tellia and Talia.

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Ability Score Increase +2 to any two stats
Size Medium
Speed 45

Duavati Traits

Duavati twins are wholly different to other humans, but tend to have the following traits in common which each other.

Ability Score Increase

Two different ability score of your choice increase by 2 and you gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.


Like other humans, duavati twins reach adulthood in their late teens and live less than a century. Both twins usually pass away from old age on the same day.


Because of the duavati twins' dual nature, they are typically lawful in alignment, preferring to duel honorably or negotiate with their enemies on fair terms.


Duavati twins are always exactly the same height and build. Your twins are both Medium size.


Your base walking speed for a pair of duavati is 45 feet, which is divided up among the twins each turn as you choose.


A 'single' duavati is a pair of creatures that share a single soul. They are inextricably linked, and can no more exist separately than a human can exist without his heart. In spite of having two bodies, duavati twins perform as a single character, with the following differences:


Duavati twins have a single action, bonus action, and reaction, between them, each of which can be taken only once by one of the twins on your turn. If you take the Dash, Disengage, Dodge, Help, Hide, Ready, or Search actions, both twins perform the action and gain its benefits.


If you take the attack Action to attack with one twin, the other twin can attack as a bonus action. You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, unless that modifier is negative. If you're able to make multiple attacks, you can divide these attacks between the twins.

Hit Points

Duavati twins have separate hit points, which are divided between them. At 1st level, each twin has the hit points of a human of the same class. At higher levels, each duavati twin's hit point maximum increases by your Constitution modifier + half the class's Hit Die. Your Hit Dice are also divided up amongst the duavati twins. You choose how many of these dice each twin receives when you take a long rest.


A pair of duavati twins can only concentrate on one spell at a time, however, only one of the twins needs to concentrate on a spell to maintain it. When you cast a spell which requires concentration, you choose which twin is concentrating on it. When casting a spell, either duavati can provide the spell components, and the spell can originate from the twin of your choice.

Magical Effects

If a spell or magical ability affects one duavati twin, it affects them both, unless that spell or ability affects hit points or if the two twins are further than 100 feet apart, in which case, it affects each twin separately.


A condition, such as being poisoned or grappled, affects only one twin, even if imposed by a spell.


When a duavati twin is reduced to 0 hit points and begins to make death saving throws, its twin becomes incapacitated, and able to move at only half speed. If a duavati twin dies, the other twin quickly begins to deteriorate, and perishes 24 hours later if his partner does not return to life.

Empathic Link

As long as both twins are on the same plane, they can empathetically sense the other's emotional state. Each twin knows when the other takes damage. Additionally, communication between the twins can be telepathic within 50 feet.


If one of your duavati twins is affected by a curse, disease, or is blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned, and the other is not, you can use your action to transfer that condition to the other twin.


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