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12th Panday of Mistir 1128

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A group of adventurers complete their quest, save the multiverse and ascend to Godhood. However, not content to merely be minor gods of someone else's world they set off into the void to create their own world. Adventurers, as it turns out, are ill equipped for the upper managerial responsibilities of Major Godhood. This group of good, ethical, kindhearted heroes overlook the importance for balance in the world, and when nature takes balancing the world into its own hands, their nightmares become realities and their coddled citizens are woefully unprepared for what is to come.
Outside contractors are sought and torn away from their world to be the saviours of this new one... and they are! They conquer evil and stem back the tide of monsters storming civilisation. However these heroes appreciate the need for balance and so pit themselves as the eternal commanders of evil, keeping good in check without letting evil run wild.
Despite best efforts, the balance of the world is something that is not maintained for long. With good and evil leveled out, it was the forces of Chaos and Law which have been in constant sway for the past 800 years. A new race has appeared on the material plane and outer planes have appeared from nowhere. There has been no time where finding the balance has been more important.