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Elves, Dwarves, Atticatten, and the Greater Beings began to squabble over space. Growing frustration quickly spread through the minds of the Greater Beings. Being the first children of their god Alpha Omega, they felt more entitled to the land and the hunting grounds around Xonthian. Tension mounted in the main capital. A faction of Greater Beings of about one hundred and twenty-five thousand broke from the main city to establish an outpost of sorts on the border of the was is now the Timilik forest. They called themselves the Brotherhood of Righteousness. They saw what they were as the absolute creation upon Xonthian and that the other races were abominations and should be removed from the world. Their strikes against the Elves began the Aggression War. The war itself was short-lived and the Elves, with the help of the Atticatten and Shadow Elves defeated the Brotherhood at their camp, in a swift strike that left the faction broken and scattered.   The Brotherhood returned to the capital city, with only about seventy-five thousand members left after the war. The Greater Beings refused the Brotherhood access into the city. The Greater beings of the city were furious that they would attack the other races so openly and with such hatred. AlphaOmega cursed the Brotherhood to live as a new race themselves, as men. The Brotherhood was stripped of any remaining sign that they were once Greater Beings. Their innate magic ability all Greater Beings shared was stripped. They were doomed to live shorter lives, about fifty to seventy years of age. They would spend their lives trying to atone for their sins, or they would be doomed to repeat them.

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Ecology and Habitats


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