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Welcome to Xon, a world inhabited by sapient robots of different types and cultures in a late-medieval to early Renaissance setting.   ~  

This is world is a work in progress and some information may be missing or incomplete.
There are two main stories in the Xon universe


Refuge* tells the story of a Calypso, a CA robot who is forced into slavery after her village is destroyed, and of Halt, a ‘half-blooded’ or hybrid Dismantler robot that inadvertently becomes her warden.
Calypso, Halt, Nuru, Rend, Erasmus, Zari, Tani, Voyage, Divide, Akina, Imatl, Haizea, Quetzalli


    Characters     Damarcus, Enya, Kindra, Caspar, Fane, Orno, Aisha, Ixora, Romulus, Constantine, Quetzalli, Imun, LIVA, Azquin, Karn, Lazar, Elodie, Giovanni, Maeve, Frey, Javi, KAIA, LONN, Nara, Gian, Giuseppe, Yuna, Penzance, Duscha
All art is done by me, was commissioned by me, or is courtesy of Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, and/or Freepik* (unless stated otherwise).   I have a Freepik premium license and do not require attribution on images. I can provide the license proof if needed.