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An asteroid was spinning through space. Inside it, a shard of unimaginable power was stored, of the First world of dragons. As the years went by, it was eventually captured by a binary star system. It found itself in close proximity to another of its kind. But this time, things were different. It was much, much larger, and life had begun to walk upon it. Eventually, the orbit decayed and the asteroid was now about to wipe out all life in existence on the planet. A beholder, one of the first creatures on the planet to gain intelligence and conscious, saw the impending doom. It had a dream. A dream where dragons were not the weak animals they were, and life had been evolving for thousands of millions of years. A dream where the world was not about to be destroyed. The beholders' final thoughts awakened something in the fragment inside the meteor, as it impacted with the world's surface. Life began anew.

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