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Wind Spinner

An experimental technology under development at the Institute of the Oneieros in Pygos, a Wind Spinner is designed to boost the speed of sailing ships in short bursts to outrun pirates and bad weather. So far, while the speed boost aspect of the Wind Spinner has proven effective, none of the vessels have survived more than ninety seconds with the Spinner functioning at even half power.
Item type
Creation Date
7th of Athyr, 4750 UX
Current Location
There are currently five functioning prototypes, all of which are owned by the School of Maritime Technology at the Institute of the Oneieros
Raw materials & Components
Wind Spinners resemble propellors with three blades, each made from layers of tightly woven reed mats. The reeds are inscribed with Minoan glyphs and Bennuan heiroglyphs, all done in an experimental magical ink of Gorgorian invention. The Spinner is mounted on a thin arm off the ship's main mast, pointing at the back of the sail.

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