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Alme Elesbaan of Axu (El-es-ba-an)

Alme Kaleb bin Tazena (a.k.a. Elesbaan)

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  At only twenty-seven, Kaleb bin Tazema is one of the youngest Alme to take the throne. His parents were killed while on an expedition to the northern coast of Axu, but instead of taking revenge upon the Mwewe tribe in the area, Kaleb focused on protecting his nation. His youth has been challenged several times by the various clans he must lead, but he is a strong ruler already. Indeed, Axu may need his strength soon enough - his rule coincides with the Storm of Gwir and the darkness it released.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kaleb was born on the first night of the Blindness - a ten-day period when Axu's Warding Statues went dark and strange monsters ravaged outer villages. This was the first of several things heralding the Ending's rise, but it was handwaved. The eldest of four boys, he was unusually solemn and had a keen eye for justice. His childhood, while uneventful, was peppered with more foreboding signs, including a reported sighting of the Fall Herald. But the true test of his character came when his parents left for a diplomatic treaty with the rebellious tribe of the northern coast. Kaleb, acting as regent, soon learned that they would not return.   His young age prompted some to suggest he appoint a regent until he was old enough to rule a nation. After the eighteen-day mourning period, however, Kaleb made his own journey to the north coast to sign a new treaty with the Mwewe tribe. During the visit, he learned that his parents had actually been killed by ikayal. Combined with the other portents, this unusual aggression convinced Kaleb that he had to be a preservationist instead of an expansionist. He suggested a compromise situation: until there was clearly no great threat set against them, the Mwewe would act as a temporary part of Axu.   After the negotiations concluded, Kaleb returned to Axu. There he claimed his ruling name - Elesbaan - and his title as Alme.
Affiliation: Earth
Aligned Organization

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