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Session 33: Through the Shadowfell Report

General Summary

In the Feywild with Lola Mimi

Lola Mimi lets them stay the night before sending them to the Shadowfell. Lucius Solara, Thirteen, D'Wat, T-R01d, Fez, and Zernon take advantage of her hospitality and she gives them six magical bibingkas.

Lola Mimi answers D'Wat's questions about Beast. She says that D'wat's ancesctor eventually reconciled with Mutarin and gave him power over volcanoes.

Rampol talks to D'Wat and tells him that he boosted Lucius' Heroes' Feast because Lucius has been suffering. The party is immune to poison and fear.

Lola Mimi hasn't seen her husband in a hundred years. She's not sure what you're going to see or run into in the Shadowfell. She gives them a man in a barrel that will point the way to Lolo Mumu. She also gives them a woman in a barrel that will point the way back to her.

Journey through the Shadowfell

Tala the Shadow Dragon meets them and asks them riddles. They answer three before missing three. He tells them that Lolo Mumu wants to return to his wife but he's trapped by another woman. He tells them that they carry the means to release Lolo Mumu.

They encounter two grey slaad (large chaos demon toad-men) on their journey and defeat them. During the fight, the slaad summon toadstools that expose D'wat's hiding places. His immunity to poison from the feast keeps him safe.

The Shadow Forest and Death Giants

They enter a wood full of shadow assassins, shadow mastiffs, and sentient swarms of the toadstools they fought before. While the rest of the party fights, T-R01d and Thirteen rush ahead to the structure on the other side of the forest. They go through and see a shadow grove with a gigantic and beautiful sculpture of Lola Mimi in her youth.

Lolo Mumu is with a Death Giant Reaper named Fatzo. Fatzo had an affair with him and trapped him a hundred years ago. She has turned him from a faerie lord into a Death Giant Dreadnaught. He is bound by the souls that swarm around her in a dark cloud. They all know they should be afraid of her, but the Heroes' Feast protects them.

T-R01d rushes in and is ambushed by Crixnar the Shrouded One, a Death Giant wizard. The Shrouded One emerges from invisibility also covered by a shroud of souls. Crixnar holds the skull of a giant in his hands. The skull binds the souls to him and controls a spectral scythe that slashes at T-R01d, causing necrotic damage to him.

The rest of the party struggles to catch up as Thirteen and T-R01d engage the trio of death giants. Lolo Mumu warns them that he is controlled by Fatzo and must do her bidding.

The Revelation of Lolo Mumu and the Threat of Fatzo

Thirteen and T-R01d struggle as the rest of the party finally catches up. Zernon rushes in, but he cannot break through the giant's armor. Fez arrives and finds that they are resistant to his lightning attacks. However, he does close the distance and strikes a mighty almost lethal blow with his axe.

D'Wat sneaks in and uses one of the crystals that they looted in the Terminal Excresence. He burns a crystal that contains Reverse Gravity to launch Fatzo into the air. Thirteen loops around on her flying carpet to grab Lucius. His blade, Midnight's Bane calls out, "You infidels who manipulate the souls of the dead! I am here for you."

Thirteen pilots her carpet up to the floating Fatzo and Lucius is ready. With a mighty strike, Lucius' blade cuts the souls free and also ends Fatzo. She floats in the air, cut into two pieces, and Lolo Mumu is released.

They crushed the skull that Crixnar held, which was the focus of his power. Once they destroyed that, he was easily finished off. Crixnar falls and the party has saved Lolo Mumu.

The Story of Lolo Mumu

After a hundred years under the curse, Lolo Mumu is remorseful for leaving his wife and wants to return. They promise to give him the barrel woman to lead him home if he can tell them about the Minokawa.

He knows all about the light-eating bird. The Celestial Gluttons are being manipulated by the mind flayers who want to turn out the lights in Erathia's skies. They want to take the Kirinal Pit and turn it into their own doorway into the multiverse.

He agrees to open a gateway to the Minokawa's Aerie for them, but warns that it leads into the Far Realm, a dimension of madness.

They give him the barrel woman and attempt to restore him to his true form. It doesn't fully succeed, te returns to a point halfway between giant and fairie. The Pit Patrol readies themselves for a journey to the Far Realm.

Rewards Granted

  • 2 suits of Spectral Chainmail
    +1 chainmail that grants etherealness 1/day.
  • Whispering Amulet
    An amulet that grants telepayth at a 120' range. It whispers unsettling thoughts into the mind of its wearer
  • Soulbound Shackles
    These iron shcackles bind souls and spirits. Once freed, the spirits must perform one service for their user.
  • Shroud of the Void
    A flowing, shadowy cloark blends seamlessly into darkness. Advantage on Stelath checks. Can cast invisibility and dimension door 1/day
Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Fez the Jest
Report Date
11 Sep 2023

Cover image: PPAC Campaign Tier 3 by Chris L


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