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Session 19: Skiff Races and Meeting Sahl-uzan Report

General Summary

Renovations, Organizing, and Deal Making

As they go over the Casino, D’Wat and Thirteen determine that the building is a Rogue's Tavern. As they go over the costs of renovation, they decide that an additional Mage Tower can go where the dimensional engine was. They figure out how to add on a chapel and a garden/kennel. They begin construction, but it will take months to complete.

Sly comes to them to negotiate with the new owners the terms of staying in business in the Bayani-Sun. After some hard bargaining, they arrive at a 10% cut of their profits to go to PPAC through the Pit Boss D'Wat.

He also clarifies his Finder's Fee for magical items. (Priced according to the Sane Magical Item PDF) He normally charges 25% of the list price as a non-refundable fee to begin searching. He does not guarantee that he will find the item. Once found, he delivers the item after being paid in full 150% of the price (minus the deposit).

For PPAC, he will only charge a 20% deposit, and the final fee will be 140% of the list price.

The Skiff Races

The Patrol finally agrees to enter the races. Sly has asked them to help the Tortoises for a 1000gp reward. Shy has asked them to help the rabbits for a 1000gp reward. The prize for winning is 10,000gp. Prisoner Thirteen mentally contacts Thirteen and says that she will owe the sorceress a favor if Thirteen helps the rabbits win. The Patrol decides to help the rabbits.

The Patrol enters the race and find that the fourth team is being run by soulforged. They begin the race focused on helping the hares. After two laps, a monster controlled by Shy Spenser appears and attacks the Tortoise ship.

D'Wat uses his new abilities to kidnap the soulforged spelldriver right off of his skiff. They pretend to have engine trouble, allowing the hares to win.

They collect 1,000gp from Shy and Prisoner Thirteen now owes them a favor.

Fedora Has Dao Troubles (Also T-R01d Died)

Fez's mother, Fedora asks the Patrol to come help her out with a rogue earth genie in the Hex Crytal Mines. They go into the mines to seek out the dao.

Suddenly, the ground cracks open and a ragged skull-headed being with T-R01d's arm and legs crawls up out of hell. He has T-R01d's gear and declares that he has retaken his original name, Sahl Uzan. He had asked Ol' Staffer to perform a ceremony that would kill him again and transform him into the vision of himself that he sees in his mind. Leon agrees to perform gender-affirming care on him.

In the process, the soulforged's body and soul are dragged into hell. T-R01d the fighter/warlock is transformed into Sahl Uzan, the illrigger bound and sealed to Ar-Tamak. The rest of the party goes, "OK, Sahl." and they go back to the adventure at hand.

They confront the dao and Sahl shows off his new commanding powers, allowing his allies to lay waste to the powerful earth genie. The dao says, "Nope!" and leaves, heading back to the Elemental Plane of Earth and vowing revenge on the Patrol.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Fez the Jest
Report Date
04 Jun 2023

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