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Session 03: Back to the Hex Mines Report

General Summary

The Pit Patrollers are contacted by Fez's mom, Fedora, to come check out strange sounds in abandoned tunnels of the Hex Crystal Mines. Oyxuysi Oyxuys cannot attend since he's out at some other event.

They find and defeat two flail snails with scintillating shells that stun 3 of the 5 party members. Fortunately, D'Wat and Lucius are powerful enough to take down a wounded snail and bring T-R01d back on line in time to defeat them.

As they progress down the hall, they see the unusual sight of an owlbear sliding down the tunnel backwards towards them. They figure out it's an owlbear trapped in a gelatinous cube. They free the owlbear and kill the cube.

In the next room they see a purple skinned dwarf bolted into a machine, a screamer, drilling into the wall, stealing shards of hex crystal. D'Wat sneaks into the room to investigate, but he is contacted mind to mind by another soulblade user. A faerie fire is dropped into the room revealing two invisible grags hiding on either side of the screamer.

They begin combat and T-R01d is almost killed when the grags turn into giants and pummel him. The rest of the party spills into the cavern. Fex discovert the true power of his javelins of lightning. Thirteen unleashes twinned guiding bolts. Lucius heals T-Roid with a touch and becomes an avatar of the sun, revealing that these grags are vulnerable to sunlight. T-R01d reveals his fire rune and chains the screamer in place with fiery links.

Meanwhile, D'Wat hovers near the ceiling, throwing psychic knives into the enemies from hiding. Finally, the shadow blade grag yells into his Ident-a-hedron that the "salvage mission" has been compromised, shrinks down, and attempts to escape. Fez moves into position and lightning javelins the screamer and the soul knife.

They discover Hexocybin Mushrooms on the dwarves.

They go back up and report to Fedora and the Manager that they found unauthorized grags down in the mine. As a reward, they receive healing potions. The Manager tells them that there has been trouble with the grags in Tower Town, especially at Grig's Grotto. They can go there for more information.

Rewards Granted

  1. Hex Crystals & Gems
  2. Owlbear
  3. Potions of Greater Healing
  4. Hexocybin Mushrooms

Missions/Quests Completed

Find and defeat the Hex Crystal Mine Intruders

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
Fez the Jest
Report Date
28 Jan 2023
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