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Prayer of the Unbeliever

So my friend Xeno, you decided to up and become a god. Huh.

When we were discussing the nature of spirits and divinity, belief and power, I didn't think you'd take it THIS seriously.

So now when I want to talk to my friend, I guess I have to do it how mortals have always talked to gods, the old-fashioned way. I'll have to pray.

I think old Malfador has made a big mistake. I think there's more of you left than he thinks. I think we can get you back, Mr. Navigator!

I'm doing what I can down here Xeno, but a lot of weak-willed souls are calling you the New God of the Soulforged! I try to tell them that it's good old Xeno with an old god-spirit walking around in his shell, but they won't believe me.

So Xeno, whatever's left of my friend in there. Talk to me, buddy. How do we pry that old liar out of you?


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