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Episode 61: Planning the Lunar Assault Report

General Summary

In the aftermath of the destruction of Gryzorth Goblinboon in the Far Realm cyst, Spark, Seralassyte, and Vengeance, depart for a sabbatical on the Silversong Moon. Lance, seeks the Robe of the Archmagi, while Elenwe searches for a Holy Avenger.

Spark, whose courageous actions led to the liberation of the blue goblins from the perilous clutches of the elder brain dragon and mind flayers, has his alignment officially recognized as Neutral Good.

The Crew of the Blackjack dispatches General the Baron Aginnad to confer with the Pit Patrol Adventuring Company about the possibility of acquiring a Robe of the Archmagi or a Holy Avenger. Their investigation points them towards the Blue Goblin's Skull, the flagship of the Forces of Ar-Tamak, which is bound for the Hidden Moon. Plans to infiltrate the Skull are quickly devised.

Strategies to defeat Malfador include destroying his giant metal avatar on the Hidden Moon, elevating Xeno to beyond 20th level, and severing the warlock tie with Sigrid. Nels proposes organizing a concert for Ashaya's house, featuring Nels & the Variants and convincing the Wolf Widow to participate, aiming to leverage the event for their cause.

Elenwe initiates a charity for the orphans of the Pit, utilizing her status as a paladin of Ashaya. Nels, Nia's dhampir brother, volunteers to support the initiative. In a gesture of trust and solidarity, Elenwe permits him to drink her blood, enhancing their bond.

Link, Elenwe's son, reveals his newfound purpose and empathy for the blue goblins, acknowledging the historical oppression by elves. His exploration leads to the discovery of Shelseho Sossulhral, an artificer entrapped in the Mirror of Life Trapping, who once ventured with Cumvel Coylen to the Zone aboard the Blackjack.

Shelseho, controlled by Xeno for years, fears re-capture if he leaves the Mirror. He divulges that his engineering skills, exploited by Malfador, contributed to the Infernal Army's infrastructure, including a crucial spigot and hidden ventilation shafts, accessible only with the spigot located with former First Mate Thunderfox.

Shelseho has been trapped in the mirror for six months. The revelation of a trapped deity at the core of the Hidden Moon, bound by Malfador, and the schematic showing a canyon and a hidden port where placing the spigot could release the deity, adds a new dimension to the mission.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
26 Mar 2024

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