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Episode 56: Rehearsal Dinner & Pit Meat Report

General Summary

Wedding Preparations

As the day of the grand wedding approaches, both parties come together to tackle the intricate puzzle of seating arrangements. The diverse guest list includes devils, tieflings, dragons, warlocks, elves, and even a talking bonsai tree, among others. Amidst the planning, DJ Spunk, now inhabiting a new soulforged body, promises to deliver unforgettable tunes, while a dhampir, a statue, and mechanical dogs add to the eclectic mix, along with the loyal crew of the Blackjack Sky.

In a blend of caution and foresight, Lance initiates a cloning process for the officers, a strategic move to insure against potential fatalities in their perilous lives.

Unexpected Duty

The meticulous wedding planning is suddenly halted by an urgent summons from the zone. The activation of the Silver Slice marks the call to arms for the blackjack officers, who are tasked with repelling a Shatter invasion threatening the realm. With little time to spare, the officers are teleported directly to the battlefield, facing a formidable opposition: two balors and a menacing avatar of the Abyss, shaped like a floating meteor, incessantly urging the crew towards combustion.

Battle at the Wall

Nia quickly takes control of the situation by turning the first Balor into her mind slave, bending its will to serve their cause. Meanwhile, Lance ensnares the second Balor in a labyrinth of its own mind, rendering it incapacitated. El, though her efforts are initially only mildly effective against the avatar, refocuses her attack on the trapped Balor with renewed vigor.

Spark, ever inventive, employs one of his latest spells to decisively banish the bound Balor back to the abyss with a metaphorical bitch-slap, showcasing the breadth of his arcane mastery.

Victory Against the Abyss

With the enemy ranks weakened, Nia's new mind slave turns against the avatar of its own plane, tearing it apart from within. El, with the assistance of Ashaya, adapts her weapon to unleash devastation upon the avatar, crushing it beneath their combined might.

Nia contemplates the utility of retaining the Balor as a member of the staff, intrigued by its eagerness. However, recognizing the potential risks, she opts to send it back to its home plane, securing the victory and holding the door against the invasion.

Return to Celebrations

With the threat neutralized, the officers report their success to the zone authority, eager to resume their wedding festivities. Their exceptional service does not go unnoticed, and Nia, ever the opportunist, hints at a desirable wedding gift. The authorities respond generously, sending a Mirror of Life Trapping as a token of gratitude and recognition for their valiant efforts.

This episode of heroism and duty seamlessly intertwines with the joy and anticipation of the forthcoming nuptials, highlighting the officers' unwavering commitment to safeguarding their realm, even amidst the most personal of celebrations.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
20 Mar 2024

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