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Episode 55: Return of The BlackJack Sky Report

General Summary

Aboard the Blackjack Sky

The officers of the Blackjack Sky explore the newest incarnation of their beloved airship. Its vast structure boasts impressive cannons, swift engines, and a bustling crew. An oddity presents itself in the form of dimensional glitches plaguing the stairs, though the crew is confident that Spark, their resident fixer, can handle the anomaly.

As they delve deeper into the ship, the sound of a little girl's giggles echoes through the corridors. Nia recognizes the voice with a mixture of surprise and concern—it belongs to Aina, her sister, who should not be aboard. They find Aina in the hold, engaging in a playful game of hide and seek with Sigrid, a creature of enigmatic origin who has somehow established a connection with the young girl.

Unwanted Visitors

Through a mindlink, Sigrid conveys her boredom to Nia, lamenting the lack of companionship apart from Aina. Nia attempts to persuade Sigrid to sever her ties with Malfador, a dark entity manipulating her will, but their conversation is cut short by an imminent threat. The ship is under attack, and the officers receive urgent messages about invaders on the main deck, including a peculiar werewolf lady among the assailants.

The Feint

Nia quickly deduces that the assault serves as a distraction, a tactic to kidnap Sigrid. A proposal to hide Sigrid within a demiplane is thwarted by a Forbiddance spell cloaking the ship. Spark suggests an alternative—encasing Sigrid in a force field and keeping her close. Meanwhile, Nia and Lance take a stealthy approach, using invisibility to navigate the ship's exterior, outsmarting the enemy's expectations.

The Ambush

Upon reaching the main deck, they face Martine, the wolf widow, leading a pack of Malfador's minions. Nia initiates the combat by dispatching several foes with her powers, while Spark and El deal with MechanoZod the Grey Ghost and his cohort, who have come explicitly for Sigrid. A fierce exchange ensues, with Spark and El managing to protect Sigrid despite the Grey Ghost's efforts to breach the force field.

The tide of battle shifts as Lance employs his magic to rearrange the battlefield, placing the crew to safety and exposing the enemies to Nia's assaults. Despite a momentary breach in Spark's force field, El swiftly enacts a protective barrier around Sigrid, foiling the enemy's plan to abduct her.

The Final Stand

Martine and a fiendish flesh golem make a desperate attempt to capture Sigrid, but their efforts are thwarted by the officers' quick thinking and powerful magic. Nia, fed up with the intrusion, employs a spell to send the remaining foes skyward, ensuring the Blackjack Sky's escape from the fray.

In the aftermath, Nia confronts Sigrid about the danger her presence has brought upon them. They discuss the daunting task of severing Sigrid's bond with Malfador, a feat that may require the dark entity's demise. The officers then deliberate on their next course of action: the abduction of the Breath of Tiamat and a strategic assault on Malfador's stronghold, all while contemplating the uncertain fate of the moon should their enemy fall.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
20 Mar 2024

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