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Episode 52: Nia's Bachelorette Party Report

General Summary

Calm Before the Storm

After the intense battle against mekka-tiamat, our adventurers enjoyed a relatively peaceful six months, primarily focusing on the preparations for the upcoming weddings. Dread Admiral Silversang is set to marry Cabron Elf-King, and Lance Uppercut is to wed Paz Ionite. As the wedding dates draw near, the group begins to plan their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Bachelorette Party in Zabar

Spark organizes a destination bachelorette party for Nia in the tropical pirate haven of Zabar. The crew, along with almost all the ladies, indulge in day drinking at a beach bazaar. The festivities take a humorous turn when Lance, having transformed himself into a sheep, struggles with his alcohol tolerance. Spark, seizing the opportunity for fun, rides the drunken sheep around the bazaar.

A Visit to the Jewel Shop

Their journey leads them to the Jewels of the Deep shop. The owner, recognizing Spark by his infamous reputation, proves a tough haggler. Nevertheless, Spark acquires a jewel that allows entry into someone's dreams and another gem offering fire resistance and the ability to cast cone of cold.

Fashion Finds at the Siren's Attire

Next, the group visits the Siren's clothing shop, where they meet Seraphina the Siren. Nia picks up a cloak that enables underwater breathing, and Spark selects a starry scarf for Serelassyte.

The Bakunawa Storm

Suddenly, the sky changes, the tide recedes, and a sulfurous odor fills the air. The bustling crowd vanishes, leaving only the crew. Off the coast, a whirlpool forms, and from it emerges the Bakunawa, arising from its grave. The beast, familiar in some unsettling way, engages the party in battle. It attempts to consume light and even swallows El, who bravely cuts her way out. The crew bombards the Bakunawa with powerful spells until it can no longer resist, and Lance successfully restrains it.

A Soul-Powered Beast

Upon closer examination, the crew realizes that the Bakunawa is powered by the soul of the old Baron Nikolaus, a memory from their encounter with the last mission of the old Blackjack crew. They deduce that something in the grave anchors a sliver of Nikolaus' soul, fueling the Bakunawa.

Underwater Exploration

Diving into the Bakunawa Grave, the group, except for Spark who must hold his breath, descends into the depths. They encounter a ghostly version of the Blackjack's final form, skeletal sharks (despite the biological conundrum), and the mad ghost revenant of Takrish Mihm.

The Ghost of Takrish Past

Nia, asserting her authority as a Silversang, commands Takrish to stand down. Takrish challenges her, insisting she prove her strength. A fierce battle ensues. El and Spark grapple with the sharks and Takrish's icy attacks, while Nia and Lance, who has since recovered from his sheep form, overpower the ghost with their spellcasting. Lance's disintegration spell ultimately vanquishes Takrish, causing the remaining sharks to dissipate.

Ghost Ship and Lingering Mysteries

With their adversary defeated, the crew turns their attention to the ghost ship below. The session ends with anticipation, as more secrets and challenges likely await in the depths.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
21 Jan 2024

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