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Episode 51: An Interlude With Mecha Tiamat Report

General Summary

The crew is hanging out near Spark's workshop, probably salvaging stuff or something. Then, boom! A little ghost boy appears, talking about sobbing spirits, crying out, 'Spark, why didn't you save us?' and 'Spark, where were you?' He mentions that their souls are still trapped right around... here. The ghost of Frail Arm shows up and says pretty much the same thing. Our psionic soul juice is being drained by MekkaTiamat, and her hounds are always out searching for psionic things to be her batteries. Ghost boy is like, 'I can feel her. I can send you to her to stop her with this ghosty portal power I just pulled out of my ectoplasm! You ready?' The crew casts some preparatory spells, El summons a pegasus, Nia and Lance vanish, Spark puts on some protection, and they go through the portal!

There are two adult dragons, a red and a green, and a dormant MekkaTiamatBeta slowly absorbing an unconscious adult crystal dragon. Oh, and a simulacrum of DJ Lance Uppercut laying down sick boss battle beats on his EDM drum in the corner. The dragons are miffed that the crew showed up. El convinces the Red that they should maybe solve things over a beer. The red mentions her mate's red claw volcanic brewery, and it is going smoothly until she smells slain dragon blood on El's red dragonhide armor, and El claims she's a human. Fight time!

The crew focuses on the green while the red is slowly grappling with El's shenanigans. Lance must have been playing 'Ladies Night' because El and Nia mostly cripple the green between the Blade of Wonder, a psychic lance, and crown of stars. The green tries to get away and spits poison at El, it hurts. Spark lines up a lightning bolt with the green, MekkaTiamatBeta, and the crystal dragon. Tiamat is immune, the green dragon gets hurt, and the crystal dragon's voice rings out telepathically, 'What is going on? I fall asleep for a millennium, and this is how you wake me? They're trying to eat me. Why are you helping them?' Spark is like, 'Oops.'

El cuts down the Green and attacks the dormant MekkaTiamat; it's resistant to radiant and non-adamantine attacks. El is sad, but Ashaya whispers, 'You just have to ask.' El pleads with her goddess to help with her damage type, and Ashaya says, 'Lol, no.' Nia turns on the red dragon and begins whittling away. Lance helps, Spark starts trying to free the crystal dragon from MekkaTiamat's clutches to no avail, so it sinks in deeper. The red dragon comes in close and breathes fire. El starts chopping it down to size when she realizes she can't get the crystal dragon out. It's Lance who saves the crystal dragon by vortex warping her out of MekkaTiamat and off to a safe cliffside. The red sees MekkaTiamat's battery escape and rushes to the construct. Spark and El punish it with pain, and El's sword stops it short. It then bites to grab onto MekkaTiamat and tries to use a spell gem to teleport away; Lance says 'no.' The dragon then begins to fall out of the sky, but MekkaTiamat still has enough power to half-turn on. Spark busts out the Earth Hammer; it's mildly effective. El asks Ashaya for help with damaging the dragon goddess bot, and Ashaya is like, 'Have a blade of pure necrotic power!' El starts hacking away all of MekkaTiamat's life energy with aplomb. The pegasus tries to help but just flies itself and El into one of MekkaTiamat's mouths. The pegasus unsummons, El is gonna fall. MekkaTiamat shoots lightning at Spark and Nia; it hurts a lot. El scolds the dragon queen, and that hurts a fair bit too. Nia tries to shut down the rampaging construct, but it counterspells her. It is Lance and his Crown of Stars that do the last bit of damage to shut down MekkaTiamat.

Then, the red rushes up to grab the broken chassis, hides behind it, then teleports away. The crew turns to the crystal dragon; Lance calms her and introduces her to the newest magic since she's been sleeping since giants existed. The crystal dragon's name turns out to be Serelassyte. She's been sleeping in the ocean for a long time, is weirded out by pretty much everything, but thanks them for saving her from that twisted abominable effigy of the Five-Headed Mother. Lance mentions that they may have beaten it at half-health but noted if it was actually powered up, it would have a whole other final form of power. Spark asks Serelassyte if she can read minds, taps his head, tells her to 'Come on in; tons have changed, and you need to get caught up.' She reads Spark's mind, then transforms herself into a crystal-skinned goblin form, incredibly similar to Of the Shadows the Oasis, and says she likes that form. The crew pipes up they should come back to the ship and meet her, and if she likes music, she can join in for some mixing sessions. Serelassyte says she might like that and gives Spark a glittery smile.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
30 Oct 2023

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