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Episode 45: Elenwe Reborn Report

General Summary

The crew haggled with Father Oz over the Ruby Shard of Sardior he possessed. He finally agreed to hand over the Ruby if the party killed and brought him the corpse of an illithi-dragon near Eladriel and traded over their now Stirring Dragon Vessel. Spark explained his plans for Sapphire Dragon moontime, but the party was indifferent.

The Deck of Many Things

They explored the rest of Myxapex's lair and found a hidden chest containing papers detailing a plot to use the Breath of Tiamat to open up the boundary stones isolating the Dragon Empire and unleash their armies in service of the Infernal Forces. They also found a deck of Many things, and all decided to draw three cards.

El fought death and won, getting Wicked Mind back as a dragonborn. Lance lost all his magic items, but became sexier and got the chance to know the answer to one question in the next year. Nia got an elven shadow dancer, and a monster-filled keep somewhere that now belonged to her. Spark almost died, lost all his wealth and all his properties including the nursery, workshop and carnival in goblintown, but recruited a druid ex-girlfriend to help out the crew.

Dragon Aftermath

Nia planned to take the Talisman of Ultimate Evil into the heavens on Heaven so they could destroy it, and hopefully bargain with a god to help Sigrid break her connection with Malfador. The crew also realized they needed to steal the Breath of Tiamat to foil the Infernal Forces plan. They planned to rebuild the Red Claw brewery with Coyote Rose in charge, and bring some forces to reinforce the mountain from the nearby wings. They also considered trying to disrupt the Talon's machinations in Zabar.

El successfully organized a disinformation campaign to make it look like the Troupe was amassing forces in the North to attack the White Wings fleet in Reaver's Deep. A weird fiend and celestial from the other Infernal Forces showed up and announced themselves as ambassadors to Myxapex.

Nia transformed into the weird dragonfavored lady and tried to convince them that all the forces from the mountain had left to pursue an attack from the Blackjack traveling troupe. Her lie passed muster, but the envoys demanded proof of her authority, the Talisman of Ultimate Evil. Nia tried to present it without grimacing in pain, but wasn't quite convincing. One of the envoys then smelled goodness and they began to attack.

The crew went out and fought the envoys. Nia, despite gaining an extra level from the Deck of Many Things, didn't do well, mostly because the envoys were charm immune. El proved that she was still formidable even after losing her position as warlock of Ashaya. Lance disintegrated all the things. The envoys were completely eradicated, but they would be noted missing soon enough.

Illeana used her card to save Spark from dying. Lance also used a card to undo the card that took all his magic items. El got a ring of spell turning too.

Meanwhile in Goblin Town

Meanwhile, the Talon of Tiamat raided Spark's lab in Goblin Town. They were successful in their attack, and as a result of the Deck of Many Things, Spark's personal holdings and all of the BTT resources that had been put into Goblin Town were wiped out.

The Magisters confiscated everything after the assault, claiming that it was in the interest of "security" and "finding out what happened here."

Rebellion was the last survivor of the Neophytes. The mutilated bodies of Frailarm and Mealworm lay in the wreckage of the demolished OPGA Grotto for Gifted Goblins. All of the orphans were missing, and Way's broken chassis was also gone.

Spark tore through the rubble looking for his cousin, but he couldn't find him. He did find a note in Way's handwriting, which said: "I really could've used the Xenobuster."

Rebellion was scarred, angry, and ashamed. He asked Spark, "The dragonfolk took him. Spark. Why weren't you here for us?"

Spark replied, "You're right, Rebellion. I've failed all of you. I'm not the right gob to be the boss. I'm just a tinkergob with some great friends. Your father was a real bossgob, and he prepared you to be too. I should've let you lead a long time ago."

Spark then asked Athos' eye to take back Vengeance's memories and abilities from him. He then handed the eye over to Rebellion along with the Comet Staff, saying, "I trust these to you, boss. I gotta go save Way."

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
26 May 2023

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