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Episode 40: Jenny's Avatar Ritual Report

General Summary

Nels is going to do the ritual to make an avatar of Jenny. Who is going to become the avatar? There is consideration, and Nia wants to give Sigrid a chance. She discovers she can form a telepathic bond with her, and she asks Sigrid. She is super excited to have the powers of two gods flowing through her so she can conquer the world. Nia is alarmed by her sketchiness.

The crew determine that the alignment of the gods and hosts can have an effect on the outcome. Thus, Sigrid and Malfador would be a large threat to Jenny's stability. Thus, Nia chooses Gerda, her middle sister who is 16 and willing to host Jenny. The ritual begins, but Nels is worried demons may try to interfere.

A celestial gate opens. The officers jump through with Sugar Bear and El, who drops by, to confront the threat. It's demons! Some give Lance a tongue lashing. Others howl, the last does crazy darkness soul rending shit. He destroys El and Lance's ident-a-hedrons.

El cuts him down in a cloud of butterflies, but not before Lance is knocked out and he has to be healed by Spark.

The other demons are cleaned up. Sugarbear complains neither his sword or musket are magical. The captain agrees this should be addressed.

Upon return, they find Gerda is half-silvered, and she is partly an avatar of Jenny! The other half is some fairy on the moon. There is a little head scratching, but it is a success! Jenny sends her love and is happy to be somewhat back. Nels reveals that despite his leveling and interdimensional traveling. He still has the hots for El.

Link Heskiloth then comes down with Paz who kvetches about Link's bitching. He is aghast El is his dad, is super pissed when she hugs him into her boob pillows, claims he needs a strong male role model because El was never there. El says she can be his mother. Link refuses and demands El be a father. Oh, Nels also mentions something vaguely wrong with Moonbreeze because info from her is getting to the Cult of Malfador. Suspicious.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
22 Apr 2023

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